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When world is against you...dont worry..take a deep breath....and say to yourself "wait u you guyzzz, one day u will follow me"...
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MOM!! You are simply the best...

Just like moon enlighting the night sky,
you are enlighting my life
Without you we can't  imagine our lifes
you are simply the best :)

You made me strong you made me different
Your upbringing taught me new ways of living
bcoz you are simply the best...

soul Friend

I never realized, when u entered my life And become my soul friend, We share a wonderful bond, beyond words Unique in its own way. I have never thought things going to be turned out like this. Especially the bond that you and I possess
True friend is difficult to get, But I am so lucky to get you.

I believe your eyes

I could tell When I look in your eyes I know you are mine.. My friends keep on telling me i may be wrong. I sometime tried to walk away but his love pulled me back.
I simply know that........
[Chorus]  I believe your eyes...(2) you  are meant to be always with me Ooh, Ooh ooh...

Left me there….

You took me to the path, I never wanted to travel, With a promise that you won’t leave me, Holding your hand, I advanced to new life, Showed me different shades of love,